Thursday, September 11, 2014

Change USB connection option on Samsung Galaxy S5 -How to?

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Hi everyone we are now with a new stuff related to Samsung Galaxy S5.This is a tutorial about how to change USB connection option on your Samsung Galaxy S5.This post is more helpful to the Samsung Galaxy S5 users who just connect their device to a PC or Laptop through the USB.
In some sense this is not a new one but for Galaxy S5,it is some what new.We usually connect the device to laptop for transfering and sharing datas between them.And we know that there is two options In USB connection settings,that is USB mass storage mode and Media transfer protocol mode.In name, we feel some difference hence both are having same functions such as transfer data,media etc.

                           Now we can just go through the steps to change the options on Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • Connect your device with computer by an USB data cable.
  • After that Tap on the notification bar and just slide it down of the screen.
  • Then you will be able to see an option as 'connected as a camera'.
  • Next step is to select the desired option.You can choose an option from there and it may be as either MTP or Media device.Then selection leads to make you see a check box with a tick symbol.
  • So now your device is connected to a computer,If you are not sure about the connection just looks up the Notification bar and you can see your device has been connected to the computer as a media device or Camera and it will depends upon your selection also.
  • The media transfer protocol allows you to transfer various type of files with an unlimited transfer.
  • But in case of USB mass storage there is a limit to transfer the files and it is about 4 GB.
So you have change your Option by doing as the above steps.Hop you are fine with this problem .If you have any doubt or any comments don't hesitate to do so,as we have said already we are just focusing to help the smartphone and other technology users.

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