Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Download Iconic One Responsive Blogger Template

Ajmal Roshan     11:23 AM     1 comment

We are back with a new responsive blogger template for blogspot bloggers who are searching for a simple,clean and responsive blogger template. Iconic responsive blogger template is a wordpress converted blogger template which has an origin as a wordpress template from Thermonic site. As a wordpress theme its name as Thermonic. By the request from the users and some bloggers, a convertion has been made to blogger template by Bloggertheme9.
As I have mentioned above this theme is a simple and clean theme. If we look the special features of this template you can see a variety CSS slider area with a different feature. Each featured post lay on another as displaying half part to the user and when we point on a particular featured one you can see the post image in a stretched format. It has clean newsletter part and has an area for banner ads at right top of the template (with respect to us). You can download this theme as free and also can by the same theme by the support from the designer or admin. You can buy this theme just for $15 for full support. If you download the free version don't try to clear the credit links for the respective sites given, because the designers take long hours for you to reach this type of template to us.

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