Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Download Lock screen app of HTC sense 6

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Hi everyone today we are here to share you with the Lock screen app of HTC sense to the users.Lock screen app of  hTC sense 6 Smartphone is unfortunately for only HTC Smartphone users.Hoping it will be supported for other Android smartphone users later.The lock screen app is Now available in apk file in Playstore and this was launched officially launched by HTC corporation.The lock screen has utility widgets and has good texture and very good design that will really catch the minds of the users.The main provocation behind the launch by the company was the requests from number of users.At the top left corner of the screen a clock widget is added on.At the right corner of the screen a weather widget gets highlighted With a stunning look.You may also able to see notification widget below the clock widget.

Download HTC sense 6 Lock screen app

                                         DOWNLOAD apk file
After downloading the file from the given link install it on your HTC device and then you can launch the app for your device too.One thing you have to remember that even the apk is a supportive one for all android smartphone users ,unfortunately this will not work for your device any way.As We have mentioned above this lock screen app is only available for hTC users.For android smartphone we have to wait till a developer launches a supported file for other smartphone users especially android users.
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