Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Download Wakie, a new experience of alarm for android,windows,and ios.

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Hi readers today we are going to share an alarm app for smartphone users.We know that waking in the early morning or desired time is not at all easy,is it ? For that we often use the default alarm app of your device.As we are talking about alarm apps we have to discuss a lot about alarm apps. Infact wide range of alarm app is existing now.We think you may irritated by the crazy noise of your alarm apps.But when discussing about Wakie,we have some excitement,since it is a community.This app has  a different strategy to wake up at exact time.

About Wakie. 

Wakie is a friendly community of people with some fun procedures which provides some features to make wake up each other.It has good ratings in playstore (3.6/5).

            *What you have to do with this

   Firstly, Download the app for desired platform from the given link.
 Then you have to register with this and then only you will be a wakie member. For registering you have to use the mobile number.Though you are registering with your mobile number,no member be enabled to see your number so far.After you registration process you just set the schedule or time and it should be predefined. You would be able to get calls from an another wakie member.The funny thing about this is the call would be generated as automatic and no mobile would be shared.The call will ends in 1 minute and you will be getting an warning sound at the 50 seconds too.You can also help the other sleepies to wake up at the same time,you can do it by tapping on "wake someone up" button.

Since this is a new stuff and it is not available to work in some countries and it is now available to countries like USA,UK,Canada,Singapore,Hong Kong.It is not also available to India.Soon it will be available in every parts of the world .This app is now available for android,windows and it is not available for IOS and hoping it will reach soon for IOS. 

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