Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to add a new look to your Facebook login screen ?

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Are you bored of your facebook default login screen? Now we are just reached here to introduce a method to change the login screen of your facebook in chrome browser. This tutorial may be a old one to you. Anyway considering the others we are going to explain the easy steps to change facebook login look. You can customize the screen with your favorite photos, self photos etc. Along with this option you can also customize the size and orientation of your desired photo.For changing the screen just follow the simple steps.

Steps to insert an image to the facebook login screen

  • The main step is to install a chrome browser on your computer.
  • Then Download FB Refresh from the chrome store.
  • Then click on the +Free button seen on the right top.
  • After that click on add which will be shown after clicking on +free button.

  • Then new extension (FB Refresh)will be added to your chrome browser within seconds.
  • Next step is to move to the settings in the chrome browser, from there select the extensions.
  • So you would be able to see different extensions,but you have to select the options of the FB Refresh extension.
  • By clicking the options you just be moved to FB Refresh page.

  • From there you can change the options. For changing the image you can add either the link of the image or can upload a photo from your device.For adjusting the image size you can do by adjusting the sizes.

Now check your facebook login screen. If your facebook is still in active position, that means you have logged in, just log out for check.
Now you can see your favorite image on login screen. If you have any doubt don't hesitate to ask, we will clear doubts after publishing you comments in the comment box.



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