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How to Import bookmarks to Opera from other browsers?

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Want to import your important bookmarks for your latest version of Opera? Then we will help you. We are here now to share a tutorial to import the bookmarks from other browsers such as Firefox , Internet explorer etc. If you have changed to the latest version of opera from other browsers, you just wish to get the bookmarks of the browser which had been used by you for last days. And you may know that the opera browser hasn't any inbuilt options to copy the bookmarks from the other browsers.Though this problem is existing,Fortunately we are here to help you with another options.


  • Google chrome browser for your PC.
  • The chrome browser should be a portable one.

Steps to follow

  • If you want to import the bookmarks from the Firefox and internet browsers, You have to just type chrome://settings/importData of your chromes URL area.Then just move to that given URL.
  • After reaching the destination for the given URL you would see some browsers listed in the drop-down list and just select the browser from where you have to import the bookmarks.After that check for "Favourites/Bookmarks" and then click import from there.

  • Then press together for these keys- WIN+R.then enter Appdata in the box which will be displayed on.So you just copied the bookmarks after a press on enter key of your keyboard.

  • After this just move to the path AppData\Local\Google\User Data\Default.
  • Then you can see a bookmark file,copy the file and come back to the AppData Folder and move to the following path for pasting the copied bookmark file on your Opera browser.
                                          AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

So you have finished your copying process, now you can check whether the imported bookmark is there or not. So open your Opera and check it.If you have any doubts please let us to know and share this post to your friends too.

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