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How to reject calls automatically on LG G3 ?

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Sometimes you are not interested to take any calls from anybody,likewise if you have any meetings or important functions or any other are not willing to take calls.So here we are going to solve these problems for LG G3 users with auto-reject option that the smartphone has provided.So doing the steps to set auto reject for calls will really helps the LG G3 at your desired time. 
LG G3 provides the 3 particular option for the users.Among the three one is to turn off the Auto reject.So it doesn't allows any reject automatically from the side of your LG G3 smartphone.

 Next we are moving to discuss about the steps to set auto reject for calls on your LG G3 smartphone,so follow the steps;

  • Firstly select the settings on your LG G3.
  • Then move on to the call options in the settings.
  • Then you can see an option as 'call reject'.
  • So a small dialogue box will gets previewed as shown in the image.
  • From there you can set auto-reject for calls.
  • As we have described above about the 3 options,you can see that 3 option on the is to turn off,but your required options are the remaining two;
  1.  REJECT ALL CALLS: This option is for rejecting all incoming calls automatically on            your LG G3.
  2.  REJECT CALLS ON LIST: This is the another option for rejecting calls with a different function.This option is to reject the calls of someone that we are not bothering or not ready to attend.By setting this option your Smartphone auto- reject some specified  numbers which can be either selected from the Contacts or from your call logs.

So now you have done your auto reject setting job for your LG G3 smartphone and you can cancel all the call rejects by just tapping on the turn off button in the call reject mode.If you have any queries about this post,do not wait,just put it in the comment box.Also don't forget like our Facebook official page to get updates on your facebook notification

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