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How to Stop Auto Downloading and Saving of Photos in Whatsapp?

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How to Stop Auto Downloading and Saving of Photos in Whatsapp

            Hey guys, we are here with new stuff related to whatsapp. We can say that whatsapp is the best messaging app existing now and there is no need to explain more about it. We could find many problems are faced by the users. By default the app download and save automatically after getting pics and other stuffs from your friend. Really it is a good feature but some sort of problems are still to make this feature beside. These kind of problems are nothing but simply related to different users. Users may lost their internet plan data for downloading unwanted stuffs automatically which has been sent by their friends. He we are going to solve this problem.

For Android devices:

  1. Firstly just open your whatsapp and you have to just wait to move next step until the main window with chat lists has been displayed.
  2. On the top right you could see square dots arranged vertically downwards,then just tap and move to the settings option.
  3. From there you could see the option chatting settings,then enter to the option.
  4. After moving to the option you would see media auto-download option.
  5. The media auto download option provides three options.
  • When using mobile data.
  • When connected on Wifi.
  • when roaming
we can set the options to stop download automatically for specific media,either you can add image,all media,no media for respective options mentioned above.The image that we have provided will clear any doubts still remained.

For iphone users:

   iphone just has an option to stop downloading automatically to camera roll.Saving images automatically cannot be restricted by the users and for videos ,you will be asked before download. 
So here are giving the instructions to prevent auto downloads to the camera roll.

  • Open your app by tapping on, then tap on to the settings options.
  • from the setting options ,move on to chat settings,then to save incoming video and you can turn it off from there. 
For windows :

  • As described in above platforms just open whatsapp.after that follow as below
settings>chat settings>media auto-download
  • After that touch on to the images and select the option as never and follow the same for the other medias such as video and audio.
  • Other options are also there as explained in the part of android users.
After the change is done to never option ,you can download the medias with your wish
For Nokia S40 and S60 series:
for s40 series and s60 series you just have to follow simple step after opening the app.
    For S60:
  •   Just click the options  and then select settings then select network and then move to media auto download  options.
  • then disable auto downloads for the media part for mobile data,wifi and roaming.
    For S40:
  • follow the same as in s60 series upto selection of network.After that select auto-download images then disable the auto download feature.
     If you have any questions and concerns don't hesitate let us know and we always ready to clear your doubts as early as possible

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