Monday, September 8, 2014

Check whether your facebook account has been hacked or not?

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  Hi everyone,Have you ever thought about the security of your Facebook account? and  there is no need to explain much more about facebook.But about security of once account in facebook one thing which should be discussed ,even you have a question like this "whether my facebook account is safe or not''. Everyday the number of members are increasing in facebook  likewise hackers.You cannot completely make sure your safety in any account especially facebook account without doing anything as precautions.
                        Today we are going to teach how to check whether your facebook account is hacked or not without use of any apps.The following steps are very easy steps and you can do it with in one minute.
 # Steps to check Whether your Facebook account is hacked or not
  1)First step is simple one ,it is just logging to your facebook account.

  2)Then just move the cursor to the top menu bar of the facebook and click the drop down menu as shown in the image.

 3)You can see settings in the drop down the settings.

 4)So a dialogue box of general settings will be shown. 

 5)Change the general settings to security setting by clicking the security option of the left side.  

   6)From there you can see 6 different options ,and click the edit corresponds to ''where you're logged in''.

  7)After there you will be able to see some information about log in activities,such as from where you had logged before and the browsers which you had been used and till you are using.Also you can find unknown log in activities on your facebook.

  8)If you are seeing like any unknown activities you can clear it by clicking on ''End All Activity".

  9)So you have reached your destination and clear all unknown activities ,

Now you are safe and if you have any doubts related to this topic you can forward it.I suggest you guys to check like this in every month and be careful about other attacks such as viruses and other malwares.

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