Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Download Mcent -A free android recharge app for your Smartphone

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Hi everyone we are here with a recharge earning software, May be this is not a new one and will be a familiar one to you. Mcent is the name of this recharge earning software. You might even have seen or tried. So we are writing this post to use this app to earn some amount as airtime recharge. If some one has tried this app before, just enter again after log into it and update your membership again in the mcent. If you are a new user you have to just register first and confirm your mobile number. You will get recharge for trying new offers in the mcent.

What you have to do? 

For New user 

Steps to earn by installing the new offers

  • Just go to the link given below, and download and install the mcent app for your smartphone.
                                                   Download Mcent   (server 1)

                                                   Download Mcent   (server 2)                     
  • Click on sign up. Set your country code and Enter your mobile number, then create a password.
  • Then click sign in, then you can see a verification section part for your mobile number, so check your message inbox for the confirmation code and enter it in the mcent.
  • So you have logged to the mcent and now you can try offers. Each offers has specified amount. After Downloading this just try the app. So you will get a notification that you have earned an amount. 
Steps to earn by Inviting your friends as referrals

  • You can see an invite button at the top corner of the mcent. click on it. Then you can see that the options for inviting the friends to the mcent.
  • If your friend refer that link and download the mcent and try an offer in the mcent you will get Rs.50 to your mcent account(for india).
For Old User
  • At first Log in and enter your number and password and do all the same as above steps.

How to Top your Mobile number?
  • At first you have to set your mobile network and your area. Then Click Top Up button and set your amount.
  • Top up your mobile number.

Drawbacks and users comments

  • Many users are telling this app as good and bad. Because this app is the best app that provide such a good amount on inviting your friends. But the transactions are taking time.
  • Some users are saying that even the three ticks are filled they didn't get the credit.


Though these drawbacks are existing, this is the best Android recharging app that I have ever used. I got an amount greater than 1K rupees from mcent. If you have any doubts write it them in the comment area.

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