Friday, January 23, 2015

Download Twilight and reduce eye strain on your Android device

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Android device nowadays becomes the part of every people. Being a part they often do not let the phone to lock before going to bed for a deep sleep after a long hours of their private works. So they frequently do this as a habit. On looking to your android device might create a difficult to their favorite dream because of some problem to their eyes. In Major case it is eye straining. This leads to a lack of sleep in nights.Now you may think that this is a problem due to the light emitted from the screen display. Yes, absolutely right. There are some facts behind this problem. The lights emitted from the phone is not a problem but the blue light or blue light layer is the problem to us. The blue light is much sensitive to our eyes which cause eye straining often when we are using the android device. Though we know the real fact we never give up. Because we shall haven't got a satisfaction without a look to our phone before sleep. 

                                   Download Twilight

 For removing these issues an Android app named Twilight is developed so. This will turn off the blue filter of light of your android device. Anyway this is for just temporary purpose. Twilight will ask your locality and you have to provide all which it does so. Once you set that it works automatically and you can see the blue filter will get turned off at night time(after sunset).So you can look onto your smartphone without any strain at that time and later and can enjoy a good sleep with a satisfactory mind. I hope that this application solves your problem as stated early and you can download this app from the given link. In our view this is better application than others in the same category.If you have any suggestions and comments please let us know. Every comments are valuable to us and they can inspire and motivate ourselves as well.



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