Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lte?

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Hi guys. We are back with a new post  after a short interval of times having no updates on infobeatz (IB). We ensure we will continue our effort workings on infobeatz,com. So let us make a way to our today's topic.This post is a tutorial that is to know how to take a screenshot on  Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lte. From the name of this smartphone itself we get the series name. yes it comes under the series of galaxy ace series. Samsung galaxy Ace 4 Lte comes under android 4.4 kitkat OS category. It  has good features along with the kitkat OS. It has 1 GB RAM to ensure much better performance in speed functioning. It sports out 5 MP pixel camera for its rear side and has VGA for its front facing side. 

Like the other Samsung ace series smartphone and some other from Samsung it has  same mode to capture a screenshot. Taking screenshot is an important feature as for commercial and personal purpose. So the Ace 4 Lte users probably try to  find the method through internet after trying to capture the usual methods. So in this tutorial we will teach you to take screenshot on this smartphone. And we ensure that there is no any need of any other application to carry out the same function and this is a simple and easy one for you. You can capture the screen shots with in one seconds after reading this post.

Steps to Take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

  • Unlock your smartphone if it is in locked state.
  • Move to the position that which to be taken as a screenshot image.
  •  Then hold the lock button (which is at left edge side of the smartphone) and center button of the screen(which is at bottom part of the screen) simultaneously.
  • Then you can see a change on your screen for a second. That is nothing but simply the screenshot taking. 
  • Then you get the notification in the notification bar. Drag it down from the top to see the screenshot.
  • So you have got what you wished.
So hope you understood this tutorial.If you have any doubts please write to us and we will clear it soon after your comment

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