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5 Best android Google apps for bloggers

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Hi everyone, now we are here with a stuff which is more important thing to the blogger. Every blogger may now owns a smartphone.Especially an android Smartphone.Most of the times, a blogger spends their time on their Personal Computer or Laptops for blogging and related works.However,some leisure times or free time they are out of the world of blogging and they did not get any information about the events that are happening on their blogs.So they need an assist from other. It is better to say that your android phone will resolve this problem with your help.So in this Session we recommend 5 Best Android Apps for Bloggers from Google.We also provide the link for the respective apps. You just need to read the information related to each app. Then download it for your smartphone.

Best Android Google apps for Bloggers
Google Adsense

Monetizing from blog is not at all a new thing to a blogger.It is very easy to earn from your blog with Google Adsense. Google Adsense android app is an android application for the Google ads publisher.So if you are a blogger,this app is more useful after your adsense account being approved. This app shows your daily earnings along with your Page RPM,CPC,Traffic etc.
                                                     Download Google Adsense
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an android app that allow the blogger to get the details about their blogs such as  the best pageviews, search terms,etc. It also display also displays the details(nation)of the readers of your blog such as their country,devices from they visited to your blog.You can download this android app for your smartphone from the given link.
                                                            Download Google Analytics
Google Docs

Google Docs is an another android app from google.It allows the bloggers to write drafts and collaborate with others. As we know that one of the most important thing that do by a blogger is posting means writing posts.So for more assist in posting, Google Docs helps the blogger to do it a better way.
                                                           Download Google Docs
Google Drive

Google Drive is an another android app for a blogger.Google Drive allows the user to store images and other various assets related to your blog.It also helps the blogger to share the folders  with other team members
By using the cloud and  you can keep important files securely.
                                                              Download Google Drive
Google Keep

Google keep is one of the best apps for a blogger,since the content is the king.Every moments we get the ideas and topics for our blog and we keep that topics in our mind to post it later.Unfortunately you haven't even a pinpoint details about that ideas which you wished to post.So for that this app is more suitable.In simple words we can say that Google Keep is note keeping app. Google Keep is very fast and simple app. It keeps the ideas that you wished to post later on your blog.
                                                           Download Google Keep
If you have any problem with downloads or have any doubts please let us know.Also write your valuable comments below and share this post with friends too.

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