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How to Fix 10 Google play store errors on android devices?

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Being a largest app store,Google Play has largest number of users.It plays an important role in every android user's life.Every individuals spend a part of their time on Play store for finding new apps and games for their devices.But many of the users are complaining about some issues while they tried to install some apps from Play store.Some of them leave without making any measures on it.Today we just arrived with 10 Google Play Store errors and their fixes.

10 Google Play Store errors

Now we are listing some of the weird error which are facing by the users while they install any apps or games.We describe the issues first and explain about the issues in simple way so that you can easily follow up us.


Google Play Store Error 403

    This is the one of the most common error which face by users while install apps from Playstore. This error might pop up as saying "it could not be downloaded due to an error(403)" .This error might be due to many issues. So you don't need to worry about this,because the fixing steps are here in this post.

    Google Play Store Error 491

    Error 491 may be due to some issues with your Google account or may be due to the broken or corrupt app data of the Google services.

    Google Play Store Error 492

      This is not a main error ,though some time it alerts us while our installations.The error might be saying like that installation is not possible and due to the Dalvik cache.

      Google Play Store Error 495

        The Google play store error 495 may be gets alerted as Problem downloading or updating apps from Play Store.

        Google Play Store Error 941

          This error might be facing while updating apps from Play Store.The main causes of this error might be some Interruption during update which makes you to stop the updating of your apps.

          Google Play Store Error 927

            This error might be one of the most common error that most of the users faced. The error may be display as "The download is impossible because an update of the Play Store is in progress".

            Google Play Store Error 921

            Error 921 displays you can’t download an app from the Play Store.You can fix it by simple steps.

            Google Play Store Error 498

            This is an another error that the users faced during the installation from the Play Store.This error may be due to the cache partition of your android device is full.

            Google Play Store Error 504

              The Error 504 is a frequent error that alerts on your android display while you install any app.This error may be displays an  message as "App could not be downloaded due to an error" .you can fix it by usual cache clear and data clear.

              Insufficient Storage Available error

              This is the main error when majority of the android users face. One of the main reason or a cause of this error is due to the limited storage space of your android device.This can be fix by removing unwanted apps from your device.


                # How to Fix Google Play Store Error 403?

                  1. If you are using two accounts on the same device you have to remove one of  the account from the two.Also clean the search history from the Play Store.
                  2. This error might also be to bad proxy settings.So that you have to try for clearing or re-entering the proxy of your mobile data connection/WiFi from the settings
                  3. You can try to use an alternate Google account Try using an alternate to download the applications,If you would see that it is working then add the previous account again and restart your device.

                    # How to Fix Google Play Store Error 491?

                    • For fixing this issue you have to remove your Remove your Google account from the device.
                    • For the same Go to Settings>> accounts>> Google ,then tap on remove account.
                    • Then  restart your device and add the Google account once again.
                    • Next step, go to settings,then navigate to Apps (Applications) and swipe to find ‘All’ of your apps. Move to  Google Services, from there you have to clear data and after that just tap finally on force stop.

                      # How to Fix Google Play Store Error 492?

                      1. At first you have to open the system Settings,then move to app settings.From there Navigate to Google Play store.Right from there tap on clear data and finally tap on force stop. Now, just delete data from Google Services Framework as well.
                      2. This is another method to fix this issue even if the first method could n't do anything on the fix.This step mention you to use any custom recovery app or any other apps which can clean dalvik cache. You do not need to worry about the delete of any personal or app data because it will not delete the mentioned data from your device.Hence it is safe.

                        # How to Fix Google Play Store Error 495?

                        • For fixing this issue,just go to system Settings >> Apps >> All  >> Google Play Store >> Clear data. After that delete data from Google Services Framework. So now your device is ready to assign a Google ID.
                        • Remove the Once Google account after clear the data or tapping on clear data,then restart your device.After the Reboot add account again to your device as going through Settings » Accounts » Add Account » Google Account.So this will fix the issue as well.

                          # How to fix Google Play Store Error 498?

                          1. Remove the unwanted or unnecessary from the device along with its related files.
                          2. Then tap on clear cache on every individual apps.If you want to clear the cache for every apps by one click then use any cache cleaning apps.
                          3.  Or You can clean the entire cache without any apps for that you have to reboot the device into recovery mode and from there format the cache partition.This operation safe and it doesn't remove any personal files from the device.

                            # How to fix Google Play Store Error 941?

                            • Clear the cache and data of Google play Store from the system app settings.
                            • Also move on to the Download Manager and clear cache and data for it too. 
                            • So now you can proceed your works.If you can't,reboot the device and try again for updates.

                              #How to fix Google Play Store Error 504?

                              • Delete data from Google Services Framework of your Device.
                              • Reboot the device.

                                # How to fix Google Play Store Error 921?

                                1. The first method is to clear the cache of the Google Play Store from the system app settings.Now try for the download.
                                2. If the above method gives you no result,just clear the Play Store app data, But you have to keep in mind that this will delete all the settings that you’ve made before.
                                3. As you have done in some issues you can follow up to remove your Google account.After that reboot your device and add the account again.

                                      # How to fix Google Play Store Error 927?

                                      • This error usually rise due to Play Store or Google Services updating in the background.You just need to Wait for a few minutes.Now try for downloads.If this is not working then tap on force stop in both the Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

                                        # How to fix "Insufficient Storage Available error"?

                                        1. As I mentioned above uninstall unwanted apps right from your android device.
                                        2. If the issue not get fixed yet then try downloading the App2SD app.This helps you to move apps to the external storage,so that you can download the apps without any issues.
                                        3. Use any junk cleaning apps clear unnecessary app data .
                                        So these are the main issues and their fixes that most of the users have observed.If any other issues are there in your observation just let us know through your comments.Share this post to your friends if you feel this is very informative one to you.

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